Oct 15, 2014

Pumpkin Life Cycles

Watch this video to see the pumpkin life cycle!


R-Controlled Vowels!

Aarrrgh! ARe you ready for this week's phonic skill??
We are working with words that have ar, or, and ore in them.  These are a pirate's favorite sound!  Be sure to study them, so you don't have to walk the wooden plank!;)

Listen to the ar song:

-or, -ore Game:

-ar Game:

Play the Fact and Fantasy Game:

Sep 17, 2014

Missing Addend Song

Here is the Missing Addend Song.  Have your child practice singing it to you. 

Sep 4, 2014

Open House

PTO Open House
Hope to see you there.


WELCOME to Second Grade!!! 

We hope you had a fabulous summer!  We can't wait for this new and exciting school year. 

We use this blog not only for parents, but for our students as well!  Students will explore and investigate numerous subject matters on here.  If you are wondering what they are learning in class, just check out the blog!

Jan 27, 2014

What's the Matter?

Students showed what the atoms would look like in a solid, liquid, and gas.  The Cheerios represent the atoms in each state of matter.


We have been working very hard at learning and identifying the different states of matter.  Students acted out how solids, liquids, and gases act.  The balloons represent the particles or atoms of a solid, liquid, and gas.

The 3 states of matter




Happy 100th Day

100 Days Down!!!  Happy 100th Day!