Aug 29, 2012

Fact Families!!!

Fact Family Village
Check out all the different fact families in the village!

Here are some fact family games you can play at home to practice!
Click on the links!

Fact Family Songs:
 Here are the lyrics for the Fact Family song we sing at school! Can you sing it for somebody in your own family?

We’re a Fact Family

We’re a fact family. We’re a fact family.
We stick together naturally.
We’re a fact family. We’re a fact family.
We stick together naturally.

We’re facts that make a family.
We use the same three numbers.
If you know one of the facts,
You also know the others.


When four facts make a family,
Two add and two subtract.
When two facts make a family,
Then look for a doubles fact.

Here is another cool fact family tune:

Aug 27, 2012

2nd Graders Out and About!!

Miss Moore's class working with consonant blends!

Mrs. Doughman's class "fishing" for nouns!

Mrs. Jones' class searching for words with Sneaky "e"!

Aug 22, 2012

Play with a Ten Frame

Try this game with ten frame boards:

Build ten rods with the help of Mr. Bear:

Make facts equal to ten:

A Noun! A Noun!

Noun Videos:

School House Rocks Song


Sing along to Mrs. Jones' and Mrs. Athon's noun song!


Listen to Miss Moore sing while Mrs. Doughman tries!

And a BIG thanks to Mrs. Ray for recording;)!!

Aug 19, 2012


Looking for a new and exciting way to practice your spelling and vocabulary words? Here it is!

Each week, we will list the spelling and vocabulary words on the spelling city website. Study away!

How to use spelling city:

1. Click on the link below or go to

2. Click on "Find a List" on the blue menu selection.

3. Search by Teacher Name and type in: Laura Moore.

4. Click on the Laura Moore at Rosemont Elementary School.

5. Find this week's spelling or vocabulary words lists and click. Lists are titled by the spelling skill or reading story, as well as the date.

6. Click on the green "Play a Game" button.

7. You may play any of the games listed in the left column: Free Activities.

Spelling tests made easy

Aug 15, 2012

Aug 11, 2012

Kevin Henkes (Author Study)

Check out Kevin Henkes' webpage:

Watch Kevin Henkes talk about his book:

Practice your Double Facts with this Song!

If you can't remember the song from class, watch these videos to help you practice and remember!

Doubles Song


Doubles Doubles

And We're Off!!!

We have had an awesome first three days! We have been learning second grade procedures and a new hall. Check with your child to see if they can remember what type of line we walk in or what we do in our classrooms during station rotations (learning centers). Please continue to check our blog regularly to see what we are learning and doing in our classrooms. Hope everyone has a great, relaxing weekend!